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Costa Rica Coffee at Calusa Coffee Roasters Ft Lauderdale

Our Organic Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee is grown in the rugged mountains of the “Land of Saints” in Southeastern Costa Rica. The location and altitude to which it is grown lend heavily to the intense flavor.

Costa Rica possesses an ideal environment for growing coffee, especially the region overlooking the Tarrazu River, known for its superior coffee beans. The mountainous terrain, rich volcanic soil, ideal climate and adequate rainfall of the Costa Rica Tarrazu region all contribute to a superb specialty coffee.

Coffee from the Tarrazu region  is generally known for its mildness, balance, and bright acidity.

Specific Info:

Country: Costa Rica
Type: Organic
Soil Type: Rich and Volcanic soil
Producer: Coope Tarrazu RL Bean
Variety: Caturra, Catuai
Altitude: 4750 FT