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Tips for brewing your fresh roasted coffee from Calusa

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 27, 2014

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Calusa Coffee Roasters fresh roasted coffee

Here are some suggestions for getting the perfect cup of coffee from Calusa Coffee Roasters.


1. Grind your fresh roasted coffee immediately before you brew it

 2. Adjust the grind to your preferred brewing method and use a burr grinder in order to produce a consistent grind

 3. Use fresh clean water. It goes without saying that your coffee won’t have the proper flavor if your water does not taste good

 4. Pre Rinse your paper filters in order to get rid of any loose paper fibers. If you don’t they can end up in your brew and make your coffee taste papery

 5. Your filter cones and presses should be pre heated.

 6. Coffee is only fresh for about 10 minutes try not to let it sit.  Try your best to make just the amount of coffee your are going to drink at that moment so you are drinking fresh brewed coffee more often

Native American Day Observed

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 26, 2014

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Map of the Calusa Indians
Native American Day is the 27th of September. Its a state holiday in California, established in 1968 to honor Native American cultures and contributions to the state and the United States. Also called American Indian Day, it is observed annually on the fourth Friday in September

The Calusa were a Native American people who lived on the coast and along the inner waterways of Florida’s southwest coast. Calusa society developed from that of archaic peoples of the Everglades region; at the time of European contact, the Calusa were the people of the Caloosahatchee culture

The first recorded contact between the Calusa and Europeans was in 1513, when Juan Ponce de León landed on the west coast of Florida in May, probably at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, after his earlier discovery of Florida in April.
Territory of the Calusa Indians of Florida


What exactly is a French Roast Coffee?

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 20, 2014

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Whole Bean Coffee from Calusa Coffee Roasters

Before we get into the details of what is a French roast, we should clarify something first: most French roasts are not actually from France. The “French Roast” comes from the darker brews chosen by many Europeans during the turn of the 19th century, so when coffee started to become something of a hot commodity in North America, the thinking is that the coffee houses might have integrated the “French” name as a means of adding a bit of classiness or sophistication ; However in this day and age the term does not do much more than indicate a very dark roast.

Now, back to what a French roast is. A French roast coffee is a type of coffee typified by beans that have been roasted almost to the point of burning. The end result is almost always very dark in color, and has a distinctive caramelized taste. In most restaurants, cafes etc.  A French roast will be the darkest roast available. If the beans are roasted for about a minute longer you will get what many consider a Italian or Spanish roast. These 2 types of roasts are both on the brink of incineration.  People who drink coffee and enjoy a dark brew will frequently select a French roast in part because of its readily available it is, and also because it frequenlty has more of a coffee taste than either the Italian or Spanish roast.

Coffee grinding recommendations for your brewing method

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 11, 2014

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Coffee Grinder at Calusa Coffee Roasters

We often get asked at Calusa Coffee Roasters on how should they should grind there coffee. Although there are a variety of grind types depending on your brewing method, we highly recommend that should buy your coffee whole bean and only grind when you are immediately going to brew your coffee.

Here is a list of typical brewing styles and recommended grinds:

Coarse Grind =  French Press or Percolator

Medium Coarse Grind =  Chemex

Medium Grind = Percolator with a flat bottom filter

Medium Fine Grind = Hario V60 Pourover, Siphon Brewer, Drip Coffee with a Cone Shaped Filter or a Moka Pot

Fine Grind = Espresso Maching or a Aeropress

Extra Fine = Turkish Coffee

If your brewing method is not listed or have any questions just send us a email at info@calusacoffeeroasters.com and let us know what you have and we will give you our recommendation on the grind.

Why you should not to buy pre ground coffee

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 9, 2014

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Cup of Calusa Coffee Roasted Beans

A roasted whole coffee bean is a wonderful, protective package that keeps the coffee oils exactly where they need to be, basically, inside the bean. As long as you don’t play around with the beans the flavor components, which are very delicate, volatile and water-soluble substances,  you will be ok. On the other hand, if you break the protective shell, then all bets are off.

Introducing the four great reasons why NOT to buy pre-ground coffee.

1) Contamination – Coffee oils are very fragile, this makes them very susceptible to contamination.

2) Oxygen – After 15 minutes ground coffee loses approximatley 60% of its aroma

3) Moisture-  When ground coffee is exposed to moisture the oils start to dilute  immediately.

4) Carbon Dioxide Depletion  – Carbon Dioxide is important because it is the main way for getting essential coffee oils into the coffee after they are released.

The Answer: always grind your coffee freshly just before brewing. Do this rule and you will be one step closer to paradise in a cup.