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Costa Rica Organic Shade Grown Coffee

  • Steven Hodel
  • April 19, 2016

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Costa Rica Organic Shade Grown Coffee
Our Coffee from Costa Rica and the “La Amistad” Organic  Finca La Amistad Estate in Costa Rica processes and packages only coffee produced on its own organic plantations or on land owned by an association of organic producers. The founders of La Amistad donated this land to the families that make up the association when they homesteaded the region in the 1940s.

The vision of the founders was that this was the way to forge a solid future based on the local community.

Its a classic example of constant perfection. The coffee is grown at 4000 feet in the lush mountains just outside the La Amistad National Forest on the border of Panama and Costa Rica.

The owner of La Amistad’s lodge and reserve, Roberto Montero, was recognized 15 years ago by The Smithsonian for efforts to protect La Amistad’s biosphere. In the past 5 years, Mr. Montero has enacted changes in his coffee and fruit production in order to ensure that he leaves a zero-carbon footprint.

The coffee at La Amistad is wet processed Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) graded Organic Arabica exhibits a  wonderful coffee with a dark chocolate body, sweet and soft fruit notes, smooth finish with a well-balanced acidity.

New Times Reader’s Poll

  • Steven Hodel
  • April 7, 2016

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New Times Readers Poll for Calusa CoffeeHello Everyone.. I received a notice from the New Times about there Readers Poll for among everything else, the best coffee shop. It would be great if Calusa could win this so I wanted to make you aware that Nominations for their Best of Reader’s Poll went live this week and you go to this link:
and vote for Calusa under Best Coffee Shop category. If you have never done this before there is a email sign up process but hopefully that won’t hold you back but at the same time wanted to make everyone aware.
The current round of voting for Nominee’s ends on April 26th and the top 4 locations with the most votes will advance to a the Final round where votes will reset and users can then vote for their top pick between May 4th – 31st.
Thanks for the help!!