What is chaff in coffee roasting?

  • Steven Hodel
  • November 7, 2014

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Chaff is a natural by-product of the coffee roasting proces.  Chaff is discarded skin or the hull of the coffee bean and is dislodged as the coffee beans are roasted.When coffee is roasted, the papery chaff is removed and discarded.  Chaff is very light, will blow around with the lightest breeze, but is also quite soft with a delicate coffee aroma

Effective & complete coffee chaff removal during roasting is necessary to appreciate the complex well balanced flavours of modern Specialty grade Arabica Coffee

The lightweight, sand-colored chaff can be mixed into your compost heap or blended into compost for mulching beds and borders.

Don’t use too much chaff at once, however, or this fluffy stuff can sheet into a sticky mess, repelling water and keeping air out of the soil.

Additionally coffee chaff provides excellent chicken coop bedding. Chickens love playing in it and it is much cheaper than wood chips.

What is Coffee Cupping?

  • Steven Hodel
  • October 25, 2014

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Coffee Cupping at Calusa Coffee Roasters Ft Lauderdale

Coffee cupping, or otherwise known as coffee tasting, is the art of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional practice done by coffee roasters or by professionals known as "Master Tasters" but can  be done by practically anyone  with an interest in learning more about their coffee. Why do we cup? We cup coffees to understand their

Coffee Certification Programs Defined

  • Steven Hodel
  • October 13, 2014

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Calusa Coffee Roasters Organic Coffee

We are often asked about coffee certification programs and whether our coffee is Organic, Fair Trade and/or Rain Forest Certified.  Much of the coffee that we offer has some if not all of these certifications and therefore we thought it would be appropriate to define what each of those terms mean and how it relates to coffee.


Tips for brewing your fresh roasted coffee from Calusa

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 27, 2014

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Calusa Coffee Roasters fresh roasted coffee

Here are some suggestions for getting the perfect cup of coffee from Calusa Coffee Roasters.


1. Grind your fresh roasted coffee immediately before you brew it

 2. Adjust the grind to your preferred brewing method and use a burr grinder in order to produce a consistent grind

Native American Day Observed

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 26, 2014

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Map of the Calusa Indians

Native American Day is the 27th of September. Its a state holiday in California, established in 1968 to honor Native American cultures and contributions to the state and the United States. Also called American Indian Day, it is observed annuall...y on t

What exactly is a French Roast Coffee?

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 20, 2014

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Whole Bean Coffee from Calusa Coffee Roasters

Before we get into the details of what is a French roast, we should clarify something first: most French roasts are not actually from France. The "French Roast" comes from the darker brews chosen by many Europeans during the turn of the 19th century, so when coffee started to become something of a hot commodity in North America, the thinking is that the coffee houses might have integrated the “F

Coffee grinding recommendations for your brewing method

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 11, 2014

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Coffee Grinder at Calusa Coffee Roasters

We often get asked at Calusa Coffee Roasters on how should they should grind there coffee. Although there are a variety of grind types depending on your brewing method, we highly recommend that should buy your coffee whole bean and only grind when you are immediately going to brew your coffee. Here is a list of typical brewing styles and recommended grinds:

Why you should not to buy pre ground coffee

  • Steven Hodel
  • September 9, 2014

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Cup of Calusa Coffee Roasted Beans

A roasted whole coffee bean is a wonderful, protective package that keeps the coffee oils exactly where they need to be, basically, inside the bean. As long as you don’t play around with the beans the flavor components, which are very delicate, volatile and water-soluble substances,  you will be ok. On the other hand, if you break the protective shell, then all bets are off. Introducing th

Central America Coffee

  • Steven Hodel
  • August 31, 2014

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Central America Roasted Coffee from Calusa Coffee Roasters

In Central America, you'll find coffee that vary's in its acidity. Normally beans from Central Amerca are known for their balance, which makes them good for those that are just getting started on their relationship with coffee. Coffee from this region is not to bitter, not too acidic with fairly smooth flavors like chocolate. Costa Rica is known for heavier-bodied coffee, whereas if you go w

Did you know a coffee “bean” is actually a cherrie?

  • Steven Hodel
  • July 30, 2014

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Coffee Cherries in Hand

The Coffee "bean" (referred to as 'beans' because of their resemblance to true beans) is actually a seed of the coffee plant and it takes about 2000 cherries to make 1 pound of  coffee.  The "bean" is the pit inside the red or purple fruit of the cherry. It usually contains two seeds (one seed only are called peaberries) and it takes nearly a year for it to mature after the flowering of the f