Colombia Supremo


These large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. We roast our Colombian as a medium Roast for optimal flavor and aroma.



Colombia Coffee at Calusa Coffee Roasters Fort Lauderdale

The uniqueness of Colombia coffee offers a well-proportioned taste. Therefore if you are new to buying freshly roasted coffee and your not exactly sure where to start – you have come to the right, if not perfect place.

Planadas, Tolima is one of Colombia’s foremost areas for environmental and sustainable agriculture. Rich with indigenous forests, an abundance of natural water. Planadas covers an area of 1.646.1 Km² comprising of 97 veredas (hamlets) producing some of the finest of Colombia’s Specialty Coffees.

The Planadas Specialty Coffee Association is committed to the development of its environmental policies, working together with the farmers to ensure that in cup quality is maintained.

Tolima produces one of most fully rounded coffees in Colombia

Our Specialty Single Origin coffees are carefully selected for their cup of excellence, certified and with complete traceability from Colombia’s renowned coffee growing regions.

Our 100% Colombia Supremo is full of aroma and flavor and is medium roasted to perfection to create a brew that yields a heady aroma, a very rich flavor, and an excellent balance of body and acidity.

All our coffee is roasted, packed and shipped within 24 hours of ordering for optimum freshness.

Specific Info:

Finca Owner Jon Varon

Association  Páez Association

Region  La Bella – Gaitania

Province Tolima

Altitude 1825 meters (5988 Ft.)

Variety – SHB Heirloom Typica – Caturra

Fermentation  Fully Washed

Drying Process Sun-Dried (natural)

Certification USDA  – FLOCERT

Profile – Taza  Red fruits, the sweetness of peach, panela, rounded full-bodied well-balanced cup, slight variances fruit, herbal from time of year and harvest.  Finca produces an excellent cup


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