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Medium bodied, mild chocolate and nut, with fruit notes and rich finish

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The Everglades are a natural region of tropical wetlands in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Florida. Writer Marjory Stoneman Douglas popularized the term “River of Grass” to describe the sawgrass marshes.

Our Everglades House Espresso is heavy and rich in flavor and features a blend of South America and African beans that is roasted to a Medium Dark where the roast is taken to the second crack.  It is ideal  as an Espresso or even as an Iced Coffee.

Colombia Supremo

Sharp acidity – Heavy body
Lightly fruited flavor

Colombian Supremo has large beans, consistently good taste, strong body, and sharp acidity, making it a very good “daily” coffee. This is the coffee many now-serious coffee connoisseurs became hooked on before totally abandoning mass-produced store-bought coffee grounds.

In the wet aroma there is the scent of fruit candies, cane sugar, and peaches. It’s a fantastically clean, transparent cup, with refined sweetness. At darker roasts, the grain sweetness is gone, and what lingers is more like refined sugar, an elegant “sipping coffee.” Light apricot fruit flavors persist along with a mild orange accent, and the aftertaste lasts for some time, though it is effervescently light.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Floral Aroma – Delicate body
Sweet Taste

Yirgacheffee is known for its bright and shining acidity and a clean taste though with an intensity on the palate. An array of floral notes that have been described as sensual give Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee a wonderfully bright complexity in its aromatic qualities. Often the Yirgacheffes will exhibit tones of toasted coconut.

Coffee connoisseurs appreciate not only the renown delicate orange blossom fragrance of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee but also its sweet and elegant finish that is typically very clean like the flavor.

In addition to the high citrus notes is an expansive breadth of taste and a roundness in the body that some have called profound, with deep bass foundations.

Some of the finer Ethiopian Yirgacheffes provide a light and syrupy mouthfeel while maintaining the intensity of aroma in a finely balanced coffee. Also noted have been cedar sensations with a background of caramelly chocolate., homemade lemonade. It also does incredibly well as an aromatic component in espresso!

Brazil Cerrado
Low acidity – Medium body
Soft fruit, nutty and chocolaty flavor

Known for more than a hundred years as Brazil’s “Green Gold.” the Cerrado, is a vast tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil where beans are grown on top of the hills. The careful cultivation and the harvesting of their beans have remained unchanged for generations. Brazilian coffee can be nutty, sweet, low in acidity, and develop exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes.

The dry fragrance at medium roasts has a candy peanut scent and a little banana fruit note. At dark roasts, the aromatics are like a soft, darker milk chocolate. There is a touch of smoke in the wet aroma, but basically it has nutty roast tones. The cup flavors are nutty in lighter roasts and more chocolaty in the darker roasts.

All coffee at Calusa Coffee Roasters is roasted, packaged, and shipped within 24 hours of placing your order.

Specific Info:

Country: Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia
Elevation: 3000 – 5000 feet
Cultivar:  Catuai, Castillo, Heirloom


  1. Rich (verified owner)

    Great coffee from a great company! I was so surprised when my coffee arrived and I found a hand signed thank you letter from the CEO, Steve, included. What company provides that level of service these days!?!? The coffee is very rich in aroma as well as flavor. Thanks to Calusa, I am now a personal barista for my wife!

  2. john & robin furbay (verified owner)

    This Company really has the right roasters to provide outstanding flavorful coffee i really enjoy their coffee.

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