About the Roastary

At the  Calusa Coffee Roasters Roastery and coffee shop, we take great care in selecting which beans to use, and we roast in small batches to ensure we provide nothing but quality coffee for our clients. We also love coffee and coffee roasting, therefore we expect more from our morning cup than just a caffeine rush (although that’s OK too). So we roast each of our different types of coffees into unique handcrafted blends and our single origin coffee to where we feel it tastes best and the beans best express themselves.


Green Coffee at Calusa Coffee Roasters

Our approach to sourcing coffee is based on some key principles: quality, sustainability, transparency, passion, collaboration.  This may include visiting the farms (many but not all), dialogues with farmers, dialogue with suppliers, and reviewing documents and/or photos of the farm or area. From this research, we establish the organic certification, claims about the status of shade grown, and how the farm, farmers, or project relates to the people who grow the coffee. Then we work together with our coffee producers, exporters, and importer partners to achieve responsible sourcing with an eye to the future.

We believe successful, sustainable sourcing relies on a personal connection to the coffee and an understanding of the specific and unique challenges coffee producers face. These factors are always growing and changing but at the end of the day, we want to make you feel good about the coffee you drink and so we want you to know that everyone involved, from worker to farmer to miller to roaster, produced your coffee in a sustainable way, and will continue to do so for years to come.


Diedrich Roaster Cooling Bin at Calusa Coffee Roasters

At the  Calusa Coffee Roastery, we roast on a Diedrich drum roaster with precise temperature controls and measurements. As a true micro-roaster, one of our strengths is our attention to detail and our ability to adjust to the needs and demands of our customers, a generally educated and awesome group of people.

Some beans can take the fiery flames of a dark roast and still maintain their complexity. For others, we do a lighter roast so to protect the beans ‘floral character and sweetness. Still, others are agnostic to roast and will develop splendidly at any color.

All beans are meticulously monitored for temperature during the roast, analyzed for color after, and logged so we can go back and continually adapt our processes. We love what we do, so we do it the best we can.

Since we’re into coffee in its many forms, we offer a constantly changing palette, a smorgasbord, really, of single-origins, blends, and roast levels. We think they’re pretty good, but that’s a subjective thing: So we invite you to join the ongoing conversation about taste and what makes great coffee.


 Fresh Roasted Coffee at Calusa Coffee Roasters Fort Lauderdale

Freshly roasted is crucial to the enjoyment of coffee, from the time the bean is first picked to when it’s poured into your trusty Calusa Coffee Cup. Like any agricultural product, coffee is perishable – but can be handled in such a way as to ensure it arrives in your hands in the best possible condition.

With proper storage, raw, green coffee beans can be stored for a full season without significant quality degradation. Despite green coffee beans durability, we turn over our inventory on an average of every 4 to 5 weeks to ensure optimal quality and taste.

Flavor reaches its peak three days after roasting, and within a matter of weeks, it goes stale. Thus, proper packaging is critical to retain flavor and freshness. All our coffees are packed in multi-layered foil bags and are subsequently sealed to stave off oxidation and to retain the coffee’s pleasant aromatics, keeping your coffee fresh.

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