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Calusa Wholesale Coffee

Thank you for your interest in making Calusa Coffee your local supplier of wholesale coffee. We are committed to your satisfaction with any and every aspect of your collaboration with us.

Calusa Coffee Roasters is a dedicated in-house artisan roaster of gourmet organic and conventional coffee! Our specialty grade coffee comes from all over the world and are freshly roasted right here in South Florida at our Fort Lauderdale facility by our Master Coffee Roaster.

All our coffee is roasted to order and packed immediately prior to delivery. This ensures our wholesale customers are getting their coffee as fresh as possible.

We are always expanding our coffee lineup to better serve the needs of our customers. If you are an owner of a restaurant, a café, a market, a manager of an office or anywhere in-between (or beyond), you will always get great prices on great gourmet coffee at Calusa Coffee Roasters .


For many of our customers the excellent reputation and recognition of our name and brand are important selling points. However, for others, it is important to develop a more customized brand including their own label. Calusa Coffee Roasters makes it easy for you to have your own line of gourmet coffee, complete with your packaging and logo.

Our premium coffee, both decaf and regular, make great gifts using your private label both for business or personalized gifts. This is a great way to develop customer relations and brand name recognition by treating your customers to our world class coffees.

Our custom private label coffee programs are perfect for fundraisers, corporate gifts, personal holiday gifts and specialty retail stores who what to have their own gourmet coffee brand. We carry a full-line of premium coffees and provide custom blending and roasting for private label coffee customers.


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