Calusa Coffee Private Label

At Calusa Coffee Roasters we offer our clients the best and most comprehensive private labeling services available in the coffee roasting business.

What does Private Label mean?

You purchase our coffee and sell or distribute the product under the label you’ve created.

Baically, you are buying the product from Calusa Coffee Roasters and taking ownership of that product with your own branding.

With Private Label here at Calusa Coffee Roasters, we treat your privacy with the highest integrity and we make every assurance that no one will know it’s not your coffee unless you tell them.

Minimum requirements for Private Labeling

If you can order in minimum quantities of 120 pounds (160 twelve ounce bags or 24 five pound bags or a combination thereof) you’re ready to start your own with Private Label.

What are the advantages of offering Private label coffee?

1.You can concentrate on what you do best.
2.Reap the rewards without the hassle or the added cost of infrastructure
3.You can alter it in any way, any time you choose.
4.You’re getting quality artisan roasted coffee already tested on the market.
5.Your  own branding to advertise your business

How does Private Label work?

There are two main options for offering Calusa Coffee as your own Private Label:

1)  Select one of our existing blends or origin coffees and we will re-package it with your logo or the coffee name you provide us, printed on our Calusa Coffee labels or on labels you provide.

2)  Customize your own coffee.  Calusa Coffee Roasters will take you through the “Cupping” process where you will compare the aromas and flavors of select beans to create your own private blends.

Once you have identified your premier blend, Calusa Coffee will start roasting your beans to create the Perfect Cup for your business!  The next step is packaging your product with your logo or the name you’ve created for your brand, printed on our Calusa Coffee labels or on labels you provide.

Toll Roasting as a Private Label option

We can also Toll Roast your green coffee; you provide the coffee, we roast and package it for you to your specifications.

How does the packaging process work?

We have the ability to print your logo or coffee name on our Calusa Coffee labels. We can also refer you to companies who specialize in label printing, or you can have coffee shipped with no label and apply your own. Your private label coffee is shipped or delivered directly to your door.

Need samples?

Select and order samples from our online store and save your receipts. We’ll credit you up to $50 when you place your first distributor order.

Want to get started with Private Label?

If you’ve read through this page, meet the minimum requirements listed above for Private Labeling with Calusa, and want to get started with Private Label Coffees, call us today at 954 449 4377 or fill out our form and a Calusa Coffee Roaster representative will contact you.